Nashville Mixtapes

Nashville Mixtapes is a weekly radio show on WXNA

Playlist 8.27.16

I'm off for the next couple weeks, so Chris from The Future Of Jazz will be filling in during my absence. Today's playlist had lots of lazy late-summer songs with a heavy representation of west coast artists. You can listen to the music-only archive of the show under the "Listen" tab.

Here's the playlist:

Sandy's / Consolidated Identity
Advance Base / Summer Music
Here We Go Magic / Casual
Miracle Fortress / Maybe Lately
The Botticellis / Up Against The Glass
Papercuts / Future Primitive
The Aislers Set / Friends Of The Heroes
Foxygen / San Francisco
Spires / Comic Book
Yellowbirds / For Girls Who Love To Sing
Sam Prekop / So Shy
Otto Rollo / Tonight On Fire
Bobey / Honey Beestings  ☊
Beirut / Santa Fe
Opossum / Blue Meanies
The Beta Band / Inner Meet Me
Stereolab / Brakhage
Richard In Your Mind / Shooting Star
Bouquet / Stacks On Stacks
Galaxie 500 / Ceremony
Pavement / Here
Try The Pie / It's Been Days
Parsley Sound / Candle Mice
Spiritualized / I Think I'm In love
Chillian Murphy / Static
The Beach Boys / Surf's Up