Nashville Mixtapes

Nashville Mixtapes is a weekly radio show on WXNA

Playlist 12.10.16 // Favorites of 2016

I'm always discovering new music, but Nashville Mixtapes bounces around from decade to decade and a lot of times I'll play songs I've loved for a long time. Today's show featured some of my favorite segments of the year and some favorite songs based on listener feedback. Here's what you heard:

The Kinks / This Strange Effect
Motion Pictures / My Queen Your Dream
The Frowning Clouds / Into The Ground
The Fresh & Onlys / Feelings In My Heart
Ducktails / Tie-Dye
Parsley Sound / Ease Yourself And Glide
Belle and Sebastian / Simple Things
The Velvet Underground & Nico / Sunday Morning
Death And Vanilla / California Owls
Cults / Go Outside
White Fence / I'll Follow You
Norma Tanega / You're Dead
Ty Segall / Mr. Face
Yellowbirds / For Girls Who Love To Sing
Sam Prekop / So Shy
Otto Rollo / Tonight On Fire
Bobey / Honey Beestings
Jessica Pratt / Hollywood
The She-Devils / Where There's No One
Sandy's / The Prodigal
The Brian Jonestown Massacre / Don't Get Lost
Golden Daze / Low
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds / Killer Diller
Foxygen / Cosmic Vibrations
Nick Drake / River man
Simon & Garfunkel / Bookends
Nagisa Ni Te / Me, On the Beach
Sam Cohen / Let the Mountain Come To You
New Man / Maybe I'm Feeling Fine