Nashville Mixtapes

Nashville Mixtapes is a weekly radio show on WXNA

Playlist 10.22.16

Huge thanks to Michael Eades for coming into the studio on a Saturday morning to hang out and showcase some great music. In case you missed the show, Michael is the founder of YK Records, a label based out of Nashville and NYC that focuses on Nashville artists. Michael put together the entire playlist for the show and featured 4 YK Records releases highlighted below with the ☊ symbol. You can find out more at As always, click on the listen tab above to hear a music-only stream of the show. Here's what we played:

Flamingosis / Bright Moments
Vulfpeck / Back Pocket
Casa / Fogpuncher
Mort Garson / Plantasia
Repeat Repeat / Plugged In
Big Black Delta / It's OK
Slowmotions / Banker ☊
You Won't / Ya Ya Ya
Lionlimb / Turnstile
Dent May / Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love
Mrs. Magician / Don't Tell Me What To Do
The Avalanches / The Noisy Eater
New Man / Maybe I'm Feeling Fine
Uncle Skeleton / Handy Looky ☊
Makeup And Vanity Set / Adolescence ☊
Home / Resonance
Nicolas Godin / Orca
Blondie / Hanging On The Telephone
David Bowie / Moonage Daydream
Jim Sullivan / U.F.O.
Here We Go Magic / Tokyo London US Korea
Brooke Waggoner / Pennies And Youth
Vangoffey / Trials Of A Modern Man
Penicillin Baby / Working Man
Apollo Up! / Situation: Hot!
Jay Leo Phillips / My Wires ☊
Mild High Club / Tesselation
Sonny & The Sunsets / Green Blood